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Now that winter is behind us, you’re probably packing away those heavy winter clothes and cleaning off your grill to get ready for spring. But there’s another hurdle to overcome this month: Is your home is ready for all of April’s infamous rain showers? Triage Restoration will help you find out.

Triage Restoration is a water damage remediation company in Philadelphia that provides the best standardized service plans and certified technicians to restore your home, property or business back to health after a disaster.

Your go-to Philadelphia water damage restoration company wants to help you stay in the loop. That’s why we’ve provided a list of some of the unexpected ways April showers can take a toll on your home:

  1. Gutter Overflow – You may have completely forgotten about your gutters during winter, but it’s time to break out the ladder! Your gutters should be cleaned 2-3 times a year, and the end of winter is a perfect time to get the job done. Otherwise dirt and debris will pile up and heavy rain won’t be able to escape your roof.
  2. Mold Mayhem – If you’ve read some of our past blogs you might already know that a leak in the roof can lead to mold growth within your home, but did you know water can leave ugly stains on the outside as well? Ensure proper drainage when the weather is dry so your home can keep up the curb appeal.
  3. Siding Problems – Speaking of curb appeal, another ugly sign there’s been too much rain is in your siding. Heavy water flow can cause the siding of your house to bend and bow.
  4. Foundation Problems – Regardless of how your home looks to your neighbors, what’s most important is that it’s sturdy and safe. Unfortunately, rain can cause foundation problems like cracks in the walls. Make sure to have them fixed ASAP so your home can stay tough all year long.

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