Property Preservation


Do you need to sell a foreclosed property? Hire Triage Restoration to do the hard work for you. Just as we restore homes after fires, floods and other natural disasters, we can also restore foreclosed properties that seem impossible to sell. When you hire us, we’ll take care of property preservation tasks such as:

  • Securing the property – changing locks, boarding up broken windows, etc
  • Removing debris left by previous owners
  • Covering or securing swimming pools
  • Completing seasonal property maintenance – snow removal, leaf removal, etc
  • Rehabilitating the property to a livable state

Whether the foreclosed property is owned by a realtor or a bank, we’ll prepare it for sale by sprucing it up and fixing issues of all types. In order to make the property marketable, we might do things as minor as applying a fresh coat of paint or installing a new door knob. At the other end of the spectrum, we can handle tasks as major as fixing roof damage, taking care of standing water in the basement or reversing damage done by vandalism – it all depends on the specific property and its particular set of issues.

In addition to fixing up the property, Triage Restoration will maintain it by mowing the lawn, trimming the landscaping and cleaning both the interior and the exterior on a regular basis. By keeping up with the property until it sells, our team will add value to the building and land. Prospective buyers will likely be willing to purchase the property for a higher price when it is well kept, and neighbors will be more at ease knowing someone is maintaining and checking on the property while it is vacant.


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