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In the event of a fire, flood, biohazard risk, or mold damage, you must act fast. Our technicians have the proper protective gear and necessary skills to fully decontaminate, repair, and restore your home or business as quickly as possible. Our care plans are designed for your protection and your building’s preservation—the sooner you call Triage, the sooner your property will be up and running again!



Does your home or business need some upgrades? We’ll oversee your remodeling projects and provide all of the materials, machinery, equipment, and labor you need to get the job done. Whether it’s an interior, exterior, roofing, or siding project, Triage will manage all the details that go into a successful renovation.

Trying to sell a foreclosed property is hard work, so let the Triage team tackle the property preservation tasks. We’ll get the building ready to sell by sprucing it up and fixing any issues—from loose door knobs to roof damage. We will also maintain the property by mowing and trimming the lawn, and cleaning the interior and exterior on a regular basis.

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Emergency, disaster, and destruction are all words we hope that you never have to hear in connection with your home, property, or business. However, there are moments in life when they cannot be avoided. Triage Restoration, est. in 2009, is here for you during the moments in life that control is taken away. Local, reliable, and fast are just a few reasons to call us during your time of need. You can call us at any time; we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. We provide the best standardized service plan, certified technicians, and work quickly and effectively to remediate, restore, and ultimately “triage” your home, property, or business back to health. Contact us immediately if your home, property, or business has been affected negatively by fire, water, mold, biohazard, or other damaging issues.

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12 months ago

Triage Restoration

3 Top Summer Tips for Homeowners

Summer is Prime time for using your BBQ - #StaySafe
Analyze all the surroundings around your grill to make sure you and your family will be safe and enjoy the Summer!

Preventive Maintenance is more important than ever!
While many families #StayHome much more than before the pandemic please keep in mind that this can stress the systems of your house.

Gutters and Flooding Prevention
Make sure gutters are secured and cleaned. Over time your gutters can get loose connections from section to section or on the drainpipes that lead water away from your home.

For more details on these tips, read the full article:

The Triage Restoration Mission: Respond Compassionately. Plan Efficiently. Restore Peace of Mind.

Responding compassionately is one of our main core values, but acting quickly is crucial for a home, property, or business owner. Disaster can strike your home, property, or business in the form of water, fire, mold, or biohazards, and life can be changed in an instant. Your safety will always come first, but health and restoration to your home, property, or business come directly after.

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