Interior Remodeling


Looking to transform the inside of your home? The Triage Restoration team can help by providing interior remodeling services for virtually any room in your house! This includes but is not limited to:

  • Kitchens – Let us create a customized kitchen that meets your family’s cooking and storage needs. From cabinets to appliances to countertops, Triage Restoration will ensure every aspect of your kitchen is highly functional and attuned to your unique style.
  • Bathrooms –  If the décor or fixtures in your bathroom are outdated, we can give them a modern edge. And if desired, we can add a new shower, tub, toilet, sink or whatever else it takes to make you fall in love with your bathroom again.
  • Basements – Basements can serve as a great space for family time, so it’s a shame that many homeowners never take the time to finish them. If you’re in this category, allow us to turn your unfinished basement into a place the entire family is guaranteed to enjoy.
  • Garages – Garages are a lot like basements in that they don’t tend to get much attention. If you’re sick and tired of having an unorganized or unusable garage, hire Triage Restoration to fix it up. Whether it needs a new floor, a storage system or some other feature added, we’ll remodel your garage so it meets your wants and needs.


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