Basement Flooding water damage

A flooded basement or a leak in your living room ceiling doesn’t just cause a major headache for you and your family; it can result in costly repairs and can even be hazardous to your health if not handled properly. If you’ve been a homeowner for a long time, you may have experienced water damage already. Here is what to expect if you find yourself knee-deep in water.

The fire and flood remediation specialists at Triage Restoration use these categories to diagnose severity of the situation:

  • Category 1: This is the least dangerous type of water damage. Category 1 water is clean water, which doesn’t pose a threat to humans. Possible causes of this type of water damage include broken or leaking appliances or a sink overflow. If left unattended, however, this type of water can turn into category 2.
  • Category 2: Category 2 is referred to as “gray water.” This means the water is contaminated and contains microorganisms and could cause illness if consumed. Category 2 is caused by broken toilets, sump pumps, or seepage and you should try to avoid making contact with this type of water.
  • Category 3: This is the most severe type of water damage. Category 3 water is referred to as “black water.” This category of water is highly toxic and unsanitary. It can contain raw sewage, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and other organisms that can cause illness. Sewage problems and contaminated standing water cause category 3 water damage. Unless you’re an expert we suggest NOT dealing this type of water at all costs.

It’s important to hire a skilled greater Philadelphia area fire, flood and mold damage remediation company like Triage Restoration as soon as you spot trouble. We will be able to quickly identify the category of water and keep the situation from worsening.

Act Fast: Water Damage Can Lead to Bigger Problems

If you’ve noticed any sort of leak or puddle forming in your home, call the greater Philadelphia area water damage restoration company you can count on to handle the situation with caution and compassion. And Triage Restoration’s services don’t stop at water damage; we offer fire, mold, and remodeling services too! Call us today at 215-399-9590 to set up a consultation.