Mold can be an ongoing, expensive problem in your home or office. Here are some ways to keep your space free and clear of the looming threats of water damage and mold.

  1. Seal surfaces to keep moisture out. A highly effective method for preventing mold growth is to apply paint to crevices in your basement. Just be sure to prime the paint with a semi-gloss latex top coat on the walls and floor enamel or epoxy on slabs. Taking these steps will keep water vapor out and make surfaces easier to clean if any mold appears.
  2. Act quickly to resolve plumbing leaks. If there is a leak in one of your pipes, be sure to have it fixed right away. Otherwise, water from leaks will collect and breed spores.
  3. Dispose of things you don’t need. Basements and attics are typically used for storage, and they’re also the areas that are most likely to foster mold. In order to prevent mold and mildew growth, we suggest getting rid of organic materials, such as clothing, newspapers, and scrap wood, that you no longer have a use for.
  4. Keep areas that collect moisture dry. These areas include the floor under your washing machine, the base of your toilet, and the insides of cabinets with sinks.
  5. Insulate pipes, ducts, and other surfaces where water vapor is likely to form. Doing so will limit the amount of moisture that collects and thereby reduce mold growth.

By following these tips, you’ll keep the air at your property safe and fresh and avoid the health issues that can arise from presence of mold in your household or business.

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