Summer is Prime time for using your BBQ – #StaySafe

Warning this is a scary story:
Imagine you fire up your BBQ grill (and were able to actually find some tasty meat to grill at the store). Your BBQ grill is a few feet away from the house on your porch/patio, where you usually have it and have never had any trouble in the past.

It is smelling delicious and is now time to flip that juicy meat to cook the other side…little did you know when you stepped away to get that adult beverage, someone in your household wanted some fresh air so they opened the window and screen near the grill.

Whoosh!!! In an instant your drapes blow outward towards the grill and immediately are set ablaze. In a matter of minutes, the inside wall is on fire and rapidly spreading.

Caution when grilling is critical to stay safe and avoid fires and accidents.

Thankfully in this story everyone was able to get out of the house and the fire department put out the fire. While we were able to restore the home referenced in this story, we would rather you think of all the possible ways you could prevent accidents like these from happening in the first place.

Moral to the story: Keep your BBQ grill away from your house!
Be careful of deck and vinyl siding as well, make sure big table umbrellas, party decorations, shrubs or low branches of trees are not close to grill or sparks from a fire pit. Analyze all the surroundings around your grill to make sure you and your family will be safe and enjoy the Summer!

Preventive Maintenance is more important than ever!

While many families #StayHome much more than before the pandemic please keep in mind that this can stress the systems of your house.

As more people are spending more time at home keep in mind that your resources are being used at a much higher rate, if you are working from home instead of in an office and your kids are home and not in school. Keep a closer eye signs of wear on hot water heaters, various water lines like old water hoses on your dishwasher, laundry and automatic ice makers.

Proper Home Maintenance is important as more people stress your homes resources.

HVAC regular maintenance is very important a clogged condensation water line can cause some major damage.

Gutters and Flooding Prevention

Make sure gutters are secured and cleaned. Over time your gutters can get loose connections from section to section or on the drain pipes that lead water away from your home.

Make sure to properly maintain and repair gutters to prevent flooding.

Make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly – rainstorm season is here and flooding in your house from groundwater is not covered by insurance – make sure the drainage is working properly.

As we know (especially in the year 2020) things still go wrong and accidents happen. When disaster strikes your home, property, or business in the form of water, fire, mold, or biohazards…Triage Property Restoration technicians are here to talk you through every step of the water damage remediation and restoration process.

Call us at (610) 690-3669 or reach us online via our website today.

Every second counts when it comes to dealing with emergency repairs. You can’t afford to wait!