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Know How to Stay Safe in a Fire Damage Emergency

Delaware County fire damage remediation

Fire can be a serious problem, so it’s important to know what steps to take to stay safe in case of fire emergency. The Delaware County fire damage remediation experts at Triage are a trusted source of information about what to do in case of a fire.

1. Stay calm.

Panic will only make the situation worse. Your priority is the safety of yourself and everyone around you.

2. Raise the alarm.

If the fire alarm in your home as not already detected the problem and gone off, it is your job to alert those around you to the situation. It is important to know how many people are in the house at all times.

Are there young children? Elderly? Individuals with mobility impairments? Children, elderly, and medically handicapped are at greater risk for health problems from smoke inhalation and injury in an emergency. Therefore, someone should already be designated to help these individuals evacuate the building. There should also be a backup designee in case the assigned person is not home at the time of the emergency.

3. Dial 911

You or someone around you should immediately dial 911. Do not wait.

4. Turn off appliances

If it is safe to do so, appliances such as stoves, heaters, and other potential fire hazards should be turned off to prevent further fire damage. However, you should only attempt to do so if the fire is still small. Do not take any action that endangers your safety.

5. Locate a fire extinguisher

If possible, locate the nearest fire extinguisher. Read the label so you know if the type of fire extinguisher is appropriate for the type of fire you are faced with. If you do not know how to properly use a fire extinguisher, do not attempt to use it because improper use could make the situation worse.

If in doubt, get out. Then, leave fighting the fire to the professionals. Notify the dispatcher of any additional safety hazards so emergency responders can properly contain the situation as soon as they arrive on scene.

6. Follow your family’s evacuation plan

You should already have a designated meeting point outside of the building so you and your family members can safely reunite. If anyone is missing, do not attempt to reenter the building. Notify the dispatcher and allow emergency responders to do their jobs. Do not reenter the building to save pets or valuables. Fido should also be included in the evacuation plan. If he is still unaccounted for outside the building, notify emergency responders.

7. Call the Delaware County fire damage remediation and restoration experts at Triage Restoration!

Once the fire is out and everyone is safe, you need to know that your home is in good hands.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Smoke Odor Removal
  • Soot Removal
  • Professional Deodorization
  • Structural Repair

Call us at (610) 690-3669 or reach us online via our website today. In a fire damage emergency, every second counts. You can’t afford to wait!

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