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Fireproof Your Home With Triage Restoration

philadelphia fire damage remediationFires can sometimes seem like an uncontrollable force of nature. But there are actually many ways to “fireproof” your home. A few easy preventative measures can ensure that you won’t need expensive Philadelphia fire damage remediation for your home later. Here’s our guide to fireproofing your home, the Triage Restoration way:

  • Install and Maintain Smoke Alarms: Smoke alarms have been responsible for saving an incalculable number of lives since their invention. We recommend you place at least one smoke alarm on every floor of your home. Don’t forget to maintain your alarms—it doesn’t matter how many smoke alarms you have if they don’t work. Switch out the batteries at least once a year, and upgrade to newer models every 10 years or so.
  • Stay Alert While Cooking: Did you know? According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking accidents are the nation’s leading cause of household fires. The simplest way to prevent these fires? Pay attention! Always remain in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling or boiling food, and regularly check on food that is baking, roasting, or simmering. Pay particular attention when cooking with oils, as grease fires can be very dangerous.
  • Set Up a Sprinkler System: Afraid sprinklers will cause water damage in your home? There’s no need to fear. In fact, according to the National Fire Association, the average property loss per fire is reduced by a whopping 70% in homes with sprinkler systems. Plus, not only will sprinklers activate as soon as a fire starts, they may extinguish the flames entirely even before emergency personnel make it to your home!
  • Examine Your Electrical Wiring: Faulty wiring is a major cause of household fires. Replace fraying or cracked wires as soon as possible. Flickering lights and frequently tripping circuit breakers also may be signs that something is amiss. Finally, be cautious with extension cords. When overloaded, they may blow out and start a fire.

Triage Restoration: The Best in Philadelphia Fire Damage Remediation

A household fire is a stressful event for you and your family. But fire damage remediation for your Philadelphia home doesn’t have to be. With Triage Restoration, you can rest easy knowing the fire damage cleanup of your home is in capable hands. Our services include smoke odor removal, soot removal, structural repair, and professional deodorization, and our technicians have the training and experience to restore your home quickly and skillfully.

Interested in hiring Triage Restoration for a Philadelphia fire damage remediation job? Give us a call at 215-399-9590 or contact us online.

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