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The “Luck” of the Homeowner

Homeowner's Luck


Home OwnershipSpring is just around the corner, and this is a very busy time of year for the real estate industry.  Many homeowners put their homes up for sale during this time.  And with the hassle that already comes along with selling a home, the last thing homeowners want to worry about are last minute repairs.  Devon Eckman, Property Manager and real estate agent for Long & Foster, states that you should maintenance your home annually and there are steps that you can take to help prevent homeowners from making expensive repairs on their homes.  Even with careful planning and maintenance, unforeseen problems can be detected during home inspections.

As Eckman explains, a home inspector will point out all of the problems in the home and the buyer and seller will then negotiate on the matter of fixing the problems. In some instances, the seller will take care of the problem, but the seller can also choose to give a credit toward the house to the buyer.  The buyer ultimately chooses to address the problem immediately or after the home is purchased.  However, it is important to note: if a seller does not disclose any and all of the problems in the home and an issue arises after the closing process is finished, the seller could still be liable and held accountable for fraud.



Basement Water DamageIf a buyer notices that there is evidence of water infiltration, or water damages in the basement, typically a sub pump will be installed before closing to ensure there will not be future flooding or damages.  (If you do experience any flooding or water infiltration, call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE: 1-877-559-7876)


Plumbing and Heating IssuesAccording to Eckman, these are at the top of the list for common problems tenants will experience when moving into a new home.  Sometimes the heaters are not brand new, and this can lead to them malfunctioning.  These systems are not cheap, so it is important to look at the age and current upkeep to see if it will need to be replaced before purchasing your new home.



Make sure your gutters are intact and have not suffered damages from the winter weather. If your gutters are not in good shape, this can lead to water infiltration into the foundation of your home.  If left untreated, water damage can lead to mold growth.  It is important to be aware of these problems before buying so that you are not unexpectedly hit with expensive repair bills to remove hidden mold.


Leaky RoofOld roofs, cracked or missing shingles are all contributors to water infiltration.  Many times a homeowner must have their roof fixed in order to sell the home. Having a properly functioning roof is essential to a new home and should be addressed before the closing process.


Appliances malfunction.  They are not built to last forever.  However, with proper handling and care they can last many years.  Be sure to check the shape of the appliances that are essential for your home before buying.  Though these things may seem minor during the time, they can add up quickly!

Appliance(Or you could always use Joey’s solution…)


Improperly working light switches, outlets that do not work, or other electrical issues can cause serious frustration for new homeowners.  These problems should be revealed to the potential buyer beforehand and should be addressed for the safety of the new tenants.

Problems With Electric


If during your home inspection, the inspector finds traces of mold or mold growth in the home, the seller must fix this before selling the property.  If mold is present, many times a mortgage company will not give out a loan for the house.  If you are a seller and know that there may potentially be mold anywhere in your home, or water infiltration that was not properly dealt with, you must disclose this information.  Mold growth can have serious negative effects on individual’s health and the air they are breathing.

Household Mold ProblemAlthough spring is approaching quickly, homeowners still have time! Hire a home inspector and make sure they do a thorough and precise evaluation of your home or the home you want to buy to ensure an easier selling or buying experience.  If you find that your home may need professionals to make repairs, call or visit Triage today for a free estimate.

As a homeowner, have you ever experienced a horror story selling a home or buying a new home?  Share with us below in our comments section! 

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