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Where There’s Fire There’s Smoke: Smoke Damage Restoration Tips

Philadelphia Smoke Damage Restoration from Triage Restoration

A fire is one of the most frightening events that can happen to your home. However, the challenges don’t stop once the flames have been put out. When you’ve experienced a fire in your property in Philadelphia, smoke damage restoration should be your top priority.

Here are some smoke damage restoration tips for after the firetrucks have left:

  • Safety first! Smoke residue and soot can impact your health even after a fire has been extinguished. You should only enter the premises while wearing protective gear, such as gloves, face masks, and respiratory equipment. When you arrive, be sure to properly ventilate the building by opening windows and doors. You can even suck up excess smoke with strategically placed box fans. These measures ensure that your lungs and skin are clear of any remaining smoke.
  • Don’t wait on starting the process of smoke damage restoration. Philadelphia homeowners need to know that the clock starts ticking on permanent smoke damage immediately after a fire. Furniture and surfaces start to turn yellow. Metal fixtures will rust. The longer you hold off on smoke damage restoration, the more soot and ash settle in your home. As time goes on, the restoration process increases in cost and difficulty.
  • Clean everything. After a fire, soot will gather in even the tiniest nooks and crannies of your home. This may seem overwhelming. Cleaning your walls is a good place to start. You can remove some of the looser soot with a vacuum cleaner hose, and you can get the rest by scrubbing the walls with a Trisodium Phosphate solution. Additionally, you can deodorize your walls with common household products such as vinegar and Febreeze spray.

You Don’t Need to Face Smoke Damage Alone

Triage Restoration is the premier service for smoke damage restoration in Philadelphia. Triage Restoration’s technicians are trained and certified by organizations such as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration and the Indoor Air Quality Association. They have a proven track record of experience and expertise. Triage Restoration provides many smoke damage restoration services, including smoke odor removal, soot removal, professional deodorization, and structural repair.

If you have recently experienced a fire in your property, contact Triage Restoration today. We’re the provider of smoke damage restoration Philadelphia turns to in times of need, and we’re eager to help your home be safe, clean, and smoke-free.

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