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Philadelphia Mold Damage Remediation

You already know that mold growth in your home is dangerous. And you know if you ever need mold damage remediation in Philadelphia that you should contact Triage Restoration. But do you know anything about the types of mold species that could grow on your property? At Triage Restoration, we believe in knowing our enemy…and that enemy is mold! That’s why we’ve compiled this field guide to common household mold:


What Does it Look Like: Green or white in color.

Where Does it Grow: Commonly found in basements, wall cavities, and ceiling cavities. It can also grow on furniture located in damp areas.

Other Info: You certainly don’t want Aspergillus to grow in your home, as it can negatively affect your health. However, a fun fact to note is that Aspergillus strains are an important component of brewing “sake,” a Japanese rice wine. Mold isn’t always bad!


What Does it Looks Like: Black in color, sometimes described as “pepper-like.” It can easily be wiped off surfaces.

Where Does it Grow: Areas of condensation, particularly in bathrooms or within air conditioning systems.

Other Info: Cladosporium spores contain melanin to protect them from UV rays. Consequently, a black stain may remain after the mold is removed.


What Does it Look Like: Greenish-black, usually slimy.

Where Does it Grow: Stachybotrys needs an environment that is damp for a week or longer in order to grow. Consequently, it tends to cluster around hidden water leaks, such as inside walls or under floors.

Other Info: Stachybotrys, also known as “toxic black mold” can be very hazardous to your health. Never try to address suspected Stachybotrys growth yourself, as you run the risk of spreading the spores further. If you believe there is Stachybotrys in your home in Philadelphia, mold damage remediation professionals must be called.

Triage Restoration: The Philadelphia Mold Damage Remediation Specialists

Regardless of the type of mold that grows in your property, you’re going to want to get rid of it as soon as possible. And considering that more than 65 million mold spores can exist in an area the size of a postage stamp, the challenge might seem overwhelming.

That’s where the expert mold-fighting technicians at Triage Restoration come in. We have years of experience combating mold growth, and we use Environmental Protection Agency-approved products that decontaminate safely and effectively.

In need of Philadelphia mold damage remediation services? Contact Triage Restoration today online or via telephone at 215-399-9590.

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