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How To Prevent Mold And Smoke Damage

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When you think of mold, does it bring about warm, pleasant feelings? Probably not. Unless you’re a botanist you probably have no interest in getting up close and personal with that nasty stuff. Instead, the word “mold” probably reminds you of that time you left cheese in the fridge a few days (or weeks) too long, and it started to look a little greener than when you bought it.

How about smoke? Is that a particular substance you want to spend all day breathing? No, because it would kill you! If mold and smoke are bad for your body, then why would you want it in your home? You may think a little damage in this corner or that corner is harmless, but it’s not. Mold and smoke damage can be detrimental to the health of your home, and yes, your body, too!

That’s why Triage Restoration, an excellent mold and smoke damage remediation team in Philadelphia wants to help you keep that bad stuff out of your house.

Tips from Philadelphia’s Mold and Smoke Damage Remediation Team

Triage Restoration is a mold and smoke damage remediation company in Philadelphia that cares about your safety. So we’ve come up with a list of tips to keep mold and smoke far away from your home.

-Dry wet areas immediately: Mold loves moisture, so if you’ve got a spill or a leak don’t let it soak! Clean up right away.
-Detect problem areas: Have a professional mold damage remediation company in Philadelphia do an audit of your home. Repairing problem areas like leaks or damp carpets can really help keep the mold out.
-Keep good airflow in your home: Excess moisture (aka the perfect mold habitat) can begin to appear if you don’t have good airflow. Open windows and doors daily, and consider moving around your furniture to increase airflow and reduce mold growth!

-Preventing smoke damage really starts with one thing – which is preventing a fire. You can read our tips on how to do that in our last blog post. One thing you should remember about preventing smoke damage is proper ventilation. If you’ve burned dinner and it starts to get smoky, open a window. Don’t let the smoke get trapped.

Get Mold And Smoke Damage Remediation In Philadelphia Today!

Make your home a safe, mold- and smoke-free environment as soon as possible! If you seen signs of this type of damage, call the mold and smoke damage remediation company in Philadelphia that aims to restore your peace of mind! Triage Restoration’s team is made up of licensed professionals whose mission is to treat both their customers and their customers homes with compassion.

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