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Five Tips to Avoid Expensive Leaks In Your Home

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Keeping an eye and ear out for a leak may not be your first instinct as a homeowner, but if you get in the habit of doing it you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. The earlier you catch a leak, especially slow leaks, the more likely your insurance company is to cover it and, of course, the less headache you’ll have to deal with.

Triage Restoration is a Philadelphia water damage remediation company that can provide reliable restoration services as soon as disaster strikes. With our standardized service plans, certified technicians and 365-day-a-year availability, we are Philadelphians’ first choice for water damage cleanup in the area.

Tips From Philadelphia’s Water Damage Remediation Experts

Steer clear of painful payments and keep your home leak free with these handy homeowner tips:

  • Change your washing machine hose – This should be done every 5 years. Washing machine failure is one of the most expensive insurance claims and can cost thousands of dollars. Consider turning off your water supply if you’ll be away for a long period of time to evade any unwanted trouble.
  • Listen to your toilet – A constant gurgling or the sound of running water in your bathroom can be a sign of a problem. Not to mention if it goes unnoticed it can hike your water bill up by half.
  • Check underneath water sources – Look for leaks in the cabinets under sinks. Peak under your fridge and dishwasher, too, since dripping water under these large appliances can ruin your floors over time.
  • Install water-detection alarms – If you find it hard to keep up with leak checkups, consider an alarm that will do it for you. It will let you know when there’s a possible leak in areas like the bathroom or basement.
  • Check water heaters every year – A professional should take a look every three years, but in the meantime, you can keep an eye out for corrosion and leaks.

Contact This Philadelphia Water Damage Remediation Team Today!

If you’ve had any sort of water damage disaster hit your home, don’t put off getting it taken care of. Philadelphia’s #1 water damage cleanup crew makes it easy for our clients by not only cleaning the mess, but restoring the damage to the best of our ability.

You’ll feel safe choosing Triage because we provide the best water damage cleanup services in Philadelphia. So call us today at 215-399-9590 and put your property in good hands.

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