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10 Tips to Get Your Home to Sell This Spring

Hello Spring

Though the snow has not fully thawed, and the temperatures are still a blistering cold, the truth is—SPRING is not that far away!  Whether it’s the warmth and sunshine, singing birds, or finally the end of relentless snow shoveling…salting…and MORE SHOVELING—people tend to be in a better mood as the season changes.  And as the weather begins to heat up, so too does the real estate market.  However, many people begin preparations on their homes too late and can struggle during this competitive market.  DON’T WAIT.   Prepare your home NOW with these 10 useful tips to get your home ready to sell this spring!

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Obviously it matters if your furnace is up to date, plumbing works, and there aren’t any electrical issues in the house.  But for a potential buyer to even bother hearing about any of that stuff, they must like what they see from the initial glance.  I know your mother always told you, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to selling your home—that’s exactly what prospective buyers will do!  Here are some suggestions to spruce up the outside of your home and create beautiful curb appeal:

  1. Maintain Lawn
    (Triage Tip:  Mowing your lawn diagonally can make it appear larger!)
  2. Power wash home and driveway
  3. Repair/Replace window screens
  4. Repaint front door
  5. Clean Gutters
    (Triage Tip:  Cleaning your gutters not only adds a polished look to the outside of your home, but also prevents water infiltration.)  
  6. ADD COLOR! Brighten your home with flowers that pop!
    (Triage Tip:  Yellow flowers can stimulate buying urges.)  


Now that you’ve got the potential buyer loving the outside of your home, from the beautiful garden to the freshly painted front door…it’s time to go inside.  Not only is the appearance of the outside essential, but the inside should be just as cosmetically clean.  Here are some more suggestions to prepare the inside of your home for sale:

  1. Repaint the walls and wipe down any dirt or marks
  2. Check the basement
    (Triage Tip:  Many issues can arise from water getting into your basement and causing flooding or mold growth.  Check for any indication of water infiltration or hire a professional if you are nervous there may be damage.)  
  3. Clear the Clutter
    (Triage Tip:  Clearing out the clutter in one’s home can make it look larger and allows for prospective buyers to envision how they could decorate it if they buy it.)  
  4. Pre-Inspection Repairs 
    (Triage Tip:  If you know there are maintenance problems such as electrical, plumbing, or heating, hire a professional now.  This can reduce cost when it’s time for an inspector to come.  Call us TODAY! 1-877-559-7876)  

And when your house does finally sell, feel free to get just as excited as Tina Fey here…


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